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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cable Management System

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Cabling forms a critical part of many vital industries today, from aerospace, automotive to data center hardware. If the cables aren’t well managed, they may result in malfunctions, failures, or increased risk of injury. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension codes are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Approximately 50% of the injuries involve lacerations, fractures, or sprains from people tripping over strewn cables.

Think Cable Management System

You can reduce the risk of trips and falls from mislaid wiring by opting for a cable management system. The cable management solutions provide protection and direction to the cables running throughout a building. You can increase productivity and reduce machine downtime within your office space.

Here are five tips for choosing the right cable management system.

1. Understand Your Cable Management Needs

Most cable management systems operate on providing two major solutions, protection of the cables and the guide the cables to the entry points. You may need to decide the problems that you wish to solve with the cable management system. Strategically routing data center hardware products and cables may require special conduits and strain relief bushes. Patch box utilizes retractable cables of approximately 1.7 meters that can cover up to 26 rack units. Mount racks around patchbox plus and patchbox 365 allow for easier tracking of the cables.

2. Consider the Environment

The operating environment plays a critical role in selecting the right cable management system. Cable management products are used in a variety of spaces, including schools, data centers, offices, yet all these applications require a different approach to cabling. You may need to factor in non-physical considerations such as heat that can be identified through an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Physical considerations such as the risk of abrasion and kinking of the cables are also key to keep in mind.

3. Aesthetics Matter

You may need to pick out aesthetically pleasing solutions to your cable management. The cable management system ought to complement the look and feel of the room used, which addressing the practical requirements of the wiring. You can choose different color cables and conduits to match your office theme.

4. Factor in the Cost

You may need to find a cable management system that fits within your budget limits. Shopping around allows you to compare different quote prices from the various manufactures of cabling systems. However, you should not compromise quality for cheaper products. Find a cable management solution that matches your unique needs while falling with the budget set.

5. Consider the Lifespan of Cable Management System

Cable management solutions such as exe setup and patchbox come with defined timeframes. The environment that you subject the cables may determine the lifespan of your unit. Inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty cover that comes with the system. Patchbox units often have a five-year warranty cover that can help address any issues that you may have with the cable management system.

Cable management solutions are critical to keeping your wiring hidden and reducing the risk of trip and fall accidents. If you need more advice on cable management, reach out to Synergy Micro Solutions.

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