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Authorized Gigabyte Distributor

As a renowned technology provider, Gigabyte is dedicated to enhancing digital experiences. They are an industry leader with a diverse product range spanning motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and servers.

Gigabyte has extensive experience in business servers and cloud systems. They use cutting-edge AI and IoT applications to drive success. They’re also your go-to for reliable cloud infrastructure solutions, helping businesses thrive in the digital world. Experience Gigabyte’s technology prowess through their top-notch products and solutions!

Gigabyte distributors, Gigabyte

Gigabyte Product Categories


Server Motherboards

Gigabyte motherboards are available in various form factors. They offer enterprise features and support single/dual sockets for a range of processors. Upgrade your server infrastructure with powerful motherboards!



Gigabyte offers a diverse range of server solutions, ranging from tower servers to high-density servers. Whatever your requirements, Gigabyte delivers flexibility, performance, and efficiency.


Workstation Motherboards

Gigabyte’s Workstation Motherboards are engineered to handle computing tasks on both Intel and AMD platforms. They come with advanced features and offer remote management via the BMC chip. Get the reliability you need!


Advanced Cooling Solutions

Gigabyte offers cutting-edge cooling solutions to tackle power consumption challenges in data centers. Their air, liquid, and immersion cooling systems can help ensure stable operations and energy efficiency.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Gigabyte has a strong history and solid reputation for offering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance to businesses of all sizes. With their scalable enterprise solutions, you can expand your infrastructure confidently, knowing you won’t break the bank.

Gigabyte’s enterprise solutions are scalable, allowing your business to grow without the fear of overspending on hardware. Since their products are designed to be durable and reliable, you also don’t need frequent replacements and maintenance costs. Boost your infrastructure with Gigabyte!

Gigabyte distributors, Gigabyte

Maximized Efficiency

Experience enterprise-class capabilities without straining your budget. Gigabyte hardware and servers provide excellent security, performance, and scalability, all at a cost-effective price point.

Tailored to Perfection

Gigabyte hardware and servers excel across all form factors, ensuring superior performance. They’re purpose-built for high expandability, keeping you ready for the future.

Greener Tomorrow

Gigabyte’s technology solutions are designed with sustainability in mind, helping you reduce your environmental footprint while maximizing efficiency.

The Gigabyte Advantage

ISO and Environmental Commitment

Gigabyte complies with global and local laws, banning hazardous substances and conflict minerals. They also adopt greenhouse gas reduction and workplace safety policies, holding multiple international certifications.

Top-Notch Manufacturing

With its excellent production facilities, Gigabyte ensures a steady supply of high-quality products. They are also committed to constant equipment upgrades, automation innovation, and strict quality control.

Global Support

Through its authorized partners, Gigabyte boasts worldwide technical support. This ensures we at Synergy can provide professional and speedy assistance to meet your needs.

Corporate Responsibility

Gigabyte takes pride in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. They support technology education, training, and accessibility, as well as environmental education and corporate sustainability.

Award-Winning Products

Gigabyte’s commitment to quality is evident in its nearly 20,000 awards and recognitions for product innovation and design.