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Top Tips for Server Rack Cable Management

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Managing cables can be a frustrating experience since your facility has dozens that thread throughout the building. Each of these cables keeps your online operation and digital world operating smoothly but can go wrong if they end up damaged or improperly managed. Thankfully, solutions like Patchbox can provide a streamlined and efficient way of keeping track of your cables following these tips.

Keep Them Tied Up and Out of The Way

Here’s something you might not know: about 4,000 injuries occur every year due to electrical extension cords (as estimated by the CPSC). These injuries result in hospital emergency room visits, which is a problem you can easily avoid. Keep your cables tied up and out of the way to prevent this danger. Try to find some kind of cover or box that can go over all of your cables and keep them out of the way.

Carefully Plan Your Network

When planning your cable network, you need to make sure that you keep cable length and size in mind. It would help if you also planned around cable location, the computers that need access to each cable, and much more. Finally, try to pay attention to how well your lines interact with Patchbox or other similar cable management solutions, including room in the box for each cable.

Don’t Forget Cable Labels

There’s little more frustrating than getting confused about your cables and having to spend hours tracing them back to their source. This common mistake is easily avoidable if you take the time to add labels to each line. Tie a small strip of paper around each and write where each cable goes and what purpose it serves. This simple step will save you hours of frustration and confusion: we promise!

Keep Your Cables Carefully Focused

Try to avoid excessive cable lengths by keeping them focused and concentrated in their operative areas. Patchbox and other systems can help in this way by using high-quality fiber optic systems that minimize the need for many, many cables in your operating area. Using this system also helps keep your lines in neater order and minimizes confusion.

Follow these tips, and you can keep your network cables away from sensitive areas. Just as significantly, you can minimize the risk of damage to your network and injury to your employees. This benefit is significant and will help to keep your facility safe and secure.

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